Friday, June 21, 2013

What Does The Equality Of Men And Women Have To Do With Capital?

Let's dissect the following description of capital:
"Capital is about the interaction of humans with time. The human potential is very great and when an effort is made to explore and discover and nurture that potential by making some immediate sacrifice then capital is part of that human endeavor.

It is a natural and vital part of the human operating system."

The human potential is very great and when the full potentials of women are added to the full potentials of men the emergence of this unfathomable capital will be unbelievably transformative to the economy and to civilization.

Additionally the subjective perspectives of women will add a great new dimension to the capital. For example the subjective valuation of the time horizon varies among individuals but also between men and women because of their gender-related different perspectives. This is bound to have an impact on capital and the structure of capital.

Considering the present, overall repressed condition of humankind this improvement and releasing of human potential will create a great influx of new capital!

Ponder this:

"New capital advances productivity and then the development process begins."
In other words, the well-being of humanity - its glory - is dependent on the equality of men and women and on their capital.

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